This letter, one of a number sent by FBI attache Robert Scherrer to Chilean General Ernesto Baeza, provides intelligence obtained through the interrogation of a captured Chilean leftist, , . The document records U.S. collaboration with Chile’s security forces, including the promise of surveillance of subjects inside the United States. Fuentes was detained through Operation Condor–a network of Chilean, Argentinian and Paraguayan secret police agencies which coordinated tracking, capturing and killing opponents. According to the Report of the Chilean National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation, he was tortured in Paraguay, turned over to the Chilean secret police, and disappeared.

[Seal of the United States of America]

[English translation]

, , Argentina

Office of the Attaché of Legal Affairs
June 6, 1975


General Ernesto Baeza Michaelsen
Director-General of Investigations
General Office of Investigations
Santiago, Chile

Attention: Inspector Jaime Vázquez Alcaíno
Regarding: Jorge Isaac Fuentes (a)
Auriel Nodarse Ledesma

With great consideration:

I have discovered that the aforementioned subject is a citizen of Chile and a member of the MIR. He was detained on May 17, 1975 in Asuncion, Paraguay after entering the country illegally from Argentina carrying a Costa Rican passport, number 1423021/74 under the identity of Auriel Nodarse Ledesma. The subject was accompanied by Amilcar Santucho, brother of the chief leader of the ERP, Mario Roberto Santucho.

According to the information supplied by the subject during various interrogations by the capital police in Asuncion, he admitted that he is a member of the Coordinating Junta and was acting as a courier for said group.

In his address book, the subject had the following listings of individuals and addresses in the USA:






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